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About Dispute Resolver

Dispute Resolver Consultancy is a legal service provider for all alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Our goal is simple: to provide our clients with the service and experience in alternative dispute resolution as they would expect of seasoned legal professionals. Bringing together arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, negotiators, conciliators, and facilitators, with the aim to provide our clients with high-quality alternatives in the resolution of disputes.

Dispute Resolver Consultancy can get more done for you in the resolution of your dispute through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, both in national and international disputes.





Principles Of Service

Whatever your focus is, on the resolution of the dispute by alternative means or which mechanism to use to resolve your dispute, we are here to guide and assist you. Dispute Resolver will discuss with you across the whole range of alternatives in the resolution of your dispute. business law. You can be sure that the right experts will guide you accordingly on the correct answers and solutions regarding your questions.

As a client of Dispute Resolver, you participate in the resolution of your dispute every step of the way. Our experience is in dynamic key markets such as  Europe, Africa, Middle East, USA, Russia, China, India, and South America. Many of our clients operate globally, industry-related and are multicultural.

Dispute Resolver specialises primarily in alternative dispute resolution. Our secondary specialisation is contract writing/drafting, contract review, contract analysis, document review, and election observer.

The Team

Dispute Resolver Consultancy is an international alternative dispute resolution legal service provider. A specialist in the resolution of disputes, both international and national. Our team uses the application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the resolution of disputes. We strive to give our clients the professional and personal attention that their case deserves. Whether you need a contract reviewed or analysed, to negotiating contracts, Dispute Resolver Consultancy will tenaciously work for you and your family. Contact our office for a free 30 minutes consultation. Special rates for students and the elderly !!!

Dispute Resolver Consultancy serves, assists, advises and represents major UK, African, EU, and US entities. Primarily on a wide range of alternative dispute resolution disputes, in both international and domestic proceedings. Our team assisted and represented clients in complex alternative dispute resolution cases in England & Wales and have worked on mediation, and arbitration proceedings conducted before tribunals constituted under the rules of major international arbitration institutions.

Our dispute resolution lawyer team is heavily involved in the resolution of complex alternative dispute resolution cases on the African continent, regarding West Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa. Dispute Resolver Consultancy also assists clients in the field of technology and Internet policy. Our current focus on technology is online dispute resolution and artificial intelligence, especially with the importance of robot lawyers post-pandemic era.

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Fields of expertise

Dispute Resolver Consultancy works in conjunction with solicitors, barristers, auditors, investment bankers, investigators, financial advisers, escrow agents and real estate experts who work hand in hand. This offers you concentrated know-how for almost all types of alternative dispute resolution.

Integrity, dedication, experience, and ambition; we require the most from each of the professionals we work with. As a client, you will receive individual, comprehensive and well-founded service in all areas of alternative dispute resolution, both national and international.






Contract Reviewing

Cyber Innovations, Privacy and Data Protection.

E-Disclosure and Information Management

Online Dispute Resolution


“Compromise. Such an adjustment of conflicting interests as gives each adversary the satisfaction of thinking he has got what he ought not to have, and is deprived of nothing except what was justly his due.”

– Ambrose Bierce


"An invaluable resource in helping me resolve cases in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Excellent attention to detail and a high level of expertise in resolving difficult and complex matters"
"I recommend the use of alternative dispute resolution as a means for providing fast, effective, positive results. Decisions were received promptly and the final disposition was fair to all parties".
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