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Areas of Arbitration Expertise

  • Agency

  • Banking and Finance

  • Commodities and Sale of Goods

  • Commercial contracts

  • Commercial Fraud

  • Energy

  • Financial Services

  • Information Technology

  • Intellectual property

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Investor-State Arbitrations

  • Licensing, Media and Entertainment

  • Mining

  • Shareholder, joint Venture and Partnership disputes

  • Shipping

  • Telecommunications

Our Services in Detail


Resolving disputes

We have a strong track record in developing and implementing innovative commercial solutions for the amicable settlement of disputes. We regularly act for clients in commercial dispute arbitrations in the energy, construction, infrastructure, pharmaceutical and aerospace & defence, banking & finance, insurance & reinsurance, shipping & transport telecommunications sectors as well as, investment protection arbitration. For consultation, connect with our International Arbitration Lawyers in UK



Exploring all options

Mediation is a process that enables people to make fair decisions and agree on practical solutions in the event of a dispute. It is a series of discussions facilitated by a mediator, in a safe, neutral environment, to help both parties reach an outcome that is acceptable to everyone involved. Our mediation services encourage clear, calm, reasonable communication to ensure both parties discuss their needs, reach practical, workable solutions and agree on how to put them into place so that everyone can move forward.



An increasingly popular dispute resolution procedure.

Having developed a leading UK construction and engineering adjudication team, we draw upon years of experience to deliver sector specific adjudication advice. Our adjudication and arbitration experience span key sectors and disciplines; from construction and engineering, infrastructure, and energy, to transport, defense, joint ventures, commercial contract, and insurance disputes. All of our specialist tribunal lawyers are also litigators, experienced in other methods of dispute resolution.



Suitable if you cannot reach an agreement

Conciliation is an ADR process where an independent third party, the conciliator, helps a party in a dispute to identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and try to reach an agreement.  Our conciliators have professional expertise in the subject matter in dispute and will generally provide assistance about the issues and options for resolution. However, a conciliator will not make a judgment or decision about the dispute.Conciliation is voluntary or as part of a contract. It is often part of a court or government agency process.


Law of Ethical Fashion

Nationally and Internationally

Law of Ethical fashion- Ethical fashion considers the right of both the people who make the clothing, and the animals from which some of the materials may have been taken. Also the environmental impacts the creation of the clothing may have on the environment. 


Our negotiators assists in various forms of dispute resolution through mutually acceptable means. These negotiations occur in the resolution of disputes both nationally and internationally.


Contract Drafting/ Researching/ Review

Contracts are one of the foundations of doing business

Our legal professionals assist with drafting, writing, reviewing, analyzing and negotiating contracts.  We explain and simplify the understanding of contract entered and contracts being considered. We ensure our clients avoid complex and one-sided contracts.  they can be complex and hard to understand. Whether a client is creating a new contract form, reviewing a contract, or negotiating a relationship, our Contract Dispute Attorneys can help reduce time and expense, manage risk, avoid unnecessary disputes, limit liability, and avoid unintended legal consequences.


Cyber Innovations, Privacy and Data Protection.

Dealing with data protection enquiries and requests

Given the GDPR in May 25th, 2018, all EU companies were required to be compliant. At Dispute Resolver, we assist clients in the UK, EU and outside the EU of the implications and responsibilities they owe their clients in the course of data. Our services include and are not limited to Provision of data protection laws, incorporation of GDPR on all EU company clients and the advice to US clients who operated within the EU; explanation to clients on applications regarding Freedom of Information Act; dealing with multinationals data protection enquiries and requests; explanation of the EU-US privacy shield to both EU and US clients.


E-Disclosure and Information Management

Reviewing large volumes of electronic data

Dispute Resolver removes and assists with the challenges of enabling an intelligent search, filter and review large volumes of electronic data with speed and swiftly. E-Disclosure and digital information management are growing and our level of involvement can be tailored to the needs of our clients allowing the creation of greater efficiencies in the e-Discovery process.


Online Dispute Resolution

Applying innovative technologies in dispute resolution

ODR is a form of dispute resolution which assists clients in the resolution of disputes through the use of technology. Technology is usually the facilitator in the resolution of disputes between parties. This form of dispute resolution arguments the traditional ways of resolving disputes by applying innovative techniques and technologies in the dispute resolution process.

Pursuant to the UK CJC’s Advisory Group Report on ODR published in February 2015, our legal professionals conduct the resolution of online disputes using various platforms. For Hybrid alternative dispute resolution, click here.


Entertainment Law

Solving complex copyright issues

Dispute Resolver Consultancy also consults with many successful and notable songwriters. We guide clients through complex copyright issues such as the termination of decades old copyright grants and the recapture of the copyrighted works that were the subject of those grants. Dispute Resolver Consultancy is well versed in the issues now confronting copyright owners and content distributors alike, which include the digital distribution of music. Dispute Resolver Consultancy consults playwrights and theatrical producers, authors of every strip. Book consultation with our Copyright Infringement Attorneys in UK today!